WHY AlaMirap

AlaMirap Nutrition

Once a client; always family. You would have to register only once with AlaMirap and you have lifelong free consultations with us.

We work with CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) technology at AlaMirap. We have studied thousands of clients and have millions of blood glucose readings and the one irrefutable fact we have documented is that One Diet Does Not Suit All.

Hence, at AlaMirap, we first analyze our clients lifestyle and tailor-make diets to every individual based on their dietary preferences, ethnicity, lifestyle, etc. We provide scientific, easy-to-incorporate changes without having to starve or give up on socializing.

  • Initial consultation

    We provide detailed analysis and complete discussion of your anthropometric measurements. We use a full-body sensing technology to accurate analyze your body fat%, skeletal muscle%, subcutaneous fat%, visceral fat%, and the body age. We also analyze the water content in the body.

  • G.L.A.M. Diet

    AlaMirap works on the copyrighted technology of G.L.A.M. Diet (Glucose Level Assisted Monitoring Diet). We are the FIRST company in the world, who provide your Diet Counselling based on 1400 readings of your blood glucose levels.

  • Comprehensive Charts

    Any metabolic disorder requires regular timely tests to ensure you stay in the best of your health and you can avoid secondary complications associated with it. We would be guiding you about the same.