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Parimala Jaggesh

  • Director


Parimala Jaggesh is the founder and director of AlaMirap nutrition company.

The inspiration to start AlaMirap nutrition company stems from the fact that she herself is a healthy type-2 diabetic herself from 1994. Today; she has beaten all odds and has reversed her dependency on insulin solely due to nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Based on her life's journey and struggles to learn the art of balancing life and health; she has founded a copyrighted process known as G.L.A.M. diet or Glucose Tracking Diet to achieve optimal health.


She is a techno-dietitian and a Health and Wellness coach from California Institute of Integral Studies. The dietary counselling methodology at AlaMirap is a holistic approach encompassing nutrition, fitness and stress management.

Her vision is to encourage, educate, and empower clients to transform their lives to live longer and younger.

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Our Vision and Mission

Vision - Transform lives through evidence-based GLAM diet to live longer and better.

Mission - Latest scientific technology combined with ancient wisdom to help people achieve optimal health.

Encourage a healthy mindset in everyone.